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REEFER · Andes Logistics

In Andes Logistics we understand the importance of keeping and preserving the state of your frozen cargo – from the moment we receive your product in plant up to complete the cold chain during the whole logistic way.

Due to the current trend of globalization and the market growth of reefer containers, we look for and offer container fleets that are at the vanguard of technology for the correct preservation of all your products.

From November 2016, we joined the technological vanguard with a digital service for customers. This service allows you to speed up the booking process of shipping companies with which transports your products to the international market.

Why do you have to choose Andes Logistics as your fresh cargo supplier?

Global Range

Exceptional global range connecting all shopping centers of the world.


We are highly qualified in reefer containers – Multidisciplinary team of experts in the management of fresh cargo.


Weekly and regular transport services to global destinations.


Check of regular and usual shipments – from the moment of booking to the moment of delivering the cargo in the final destination.

Global society

Global society but with local equipments – with a solid experience in transporting all kind of perishable cargo.


Solutions of transport in the whole logistic chain – road, air and sea.

Global leader

We have strengthened our Reefer experience to be one of the most advanced in the world.

Contact the Reefer area

Experts in fresh cargo

We have implemented a Web application which allows the customers to access from their computer or cell phones, see the itineraries of the shipping companies with their schedules classified by faster traffic times and opt to the best alternative of booking.

In Andes Logistics Group we understand the importance of maintaining and preserving the condition for goods of our customers from the moment of storing to the moment of reaching the delivering point.

In the course of time, we have formed solid experience and knowledge about transport of fresh and frozen products – raw materials including fresh products such as fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, chicken, dairy products and pharmaceutical products.