International Freight

When the speed of action is the most important factor to transport products from a place to another one, the air freight is the correct solution. Speed, Agility, Safety. It provides less damage risk for goods because it is the means of transport with the lowest accident rate.

Andes Logistics is recognized in the international trade market because of its great leadership mainly in the air export movements. We have moved the largest quantity of tons carried in the latest years, this makes us into one of the most important Freight Forwarder in our country. We work with all commercial and cargo Air Companies choosing responsibly and seriously the most appropriate airline for each shipping and the kind of cargo that will be transported.

We offer different ways of air freight transport Low-cost, regular and high priority

  • Total Cargo and/or Partial Cargo
  • Oversized Cargo
  • Fresh and Frozen Cargo
  • Chemical Products Cargo
  • High-priced and Dangerous Goods
  • Live animals and pets
  • Human remains

Special Transport EX

Andes Logistics has a great business development and experience in the use of air freight for live animals fulfilling all specific requirements for each species such as birds, fish, mammals and reptiles. We have trained staff for the development in the different stages of the logistics process.

Dangerous Goods are those substances or objects that cause a risk for health, safety or damage in the environment.

It is necessary to meet the IATA (International Air Transport Association) /ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) regulations, since they establish the need of classifying, packaging, marking, labeling and documenting these goods.

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